A Little Bit More About Me...

I have been on a very long health journey myself and I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I’ve struggled with disordered eating in my teens, irregular periods and misdiagnoses in my 20’s, fertility challenges in my 30’s, perimenopausal challenges in my early 40’s  (including anxiety, sleep problems and hormonal imbalances) -   all of which have impacted relationships with loved ones and my self-confidence.

Through navigating my way through, taking actions to overcome these challenges and learning more about how our fascinating bodies work, I am now feeling happier and healthier than ever.


I have sought professional help along the way, though I really wish I'd had the option to have a Health Coach.

I decided to leave my job in the corporate world to study for a Diploma in Health Coaching and qualified with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I love what I do,  especially seeing the differences I can make to women who are struggling with their own health.

Now is the time to take control of your health and put your self-care first.

Please contact me and we can discuss how I can help.


Rachel worked with me personally instead of following a generic plan. Rachel put me at ease and has really helped me to commit to putting my self-care first.

Becs Holding

Rebecca Hocking

Age 50

I liked Rachel's clear, simple approach. She really listened to me and didn't overwhelm me with too much information.  I am now starting to feel much fitter and less stressed.

Jane Holbrow

Age 46