I run a number of different workshops on themes including:

- Managing our Personal Energy

- Managing our Stress

- Managing our hormones & perimenopause/menopause


These are for groups of up to 20 women and are set in a relaxed, informal environment. I encourage interactivity and participation. The workshops include wellness talks, demos, working in pairs and talking through solutions with simple practical tips.


Managing our Energy: What are our triggers and glimmers?

Learn how to manage stress: including demos on reflexology, massage and de-cluttering as well as pair-work on simple solutions for stress,  nutrition and wellness tips

Managing our hormones: Understanding the impact of hormones on our health & wellbeing as well as on our families

spring walk

Women's Wellbeing Walks

If you live in or near the Bristol area, why not join us for a women's wellbeing walk? These are free walks and happen once every 3 months.  It's a lovely way to connect with other women in nature for a walk and talk.


To find out more please get in touch.