Where and when are the sessions? How long do they take?

You can choose your preference or even mix and match from the below to suit your needs. I offer shorter, more frequent sessions if this suits you better.

  • Face to face coaching at home (your place or mine – if in the Bristol area).
  • Online video call (daytime, evening and weekend sessions available)
  • Lunch break video call*
  • Lunch break ‘walk and talk’ *
  • Lunch break 1-1 at your office*
  • ‘Walk and talk’ in the fresh air

* shorter sessions can be arranged to accommodate working hours




I really enjoyed our 'walk and talk' coaching sessions in my work lunchbreak- it meant I could kill 2 birds with one stone so that I could get some fresh air and much needed exercise at the same time as helpful coaching.

walk and talk

Jan, age 47

I started working with Rachel during a stressful time in my life. She really helped me work through all my anxieties and prioritise what is important and what I needed to be happy. She truly understands the daily pressures of being a working mother and able to give clear and pragmatic advice as to how to look after yourself, whether that be through diet, exercise or self care.

Lucia Mills

Lucia, 40